“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a fabulous pair of shoes.”

L’Espadrille, fruit of a real know-how

The espadrille is a shoe that is distinguished by its unique design made of natural materials and argremente a soleplate rope braided jute. Its manufacture requires specific know-how and in agreement with the basque tradition.


The rope, main raw material for the manufacture of the espadrille

The rope is one of the main materials used for the manufacture of the espadrille. It is typically used in jute, a substance known for its solidity, its isolation capabilities, its low thermal conductivity and its anti-static properties. The rope is braided before being wound has flat on two axis. The first winding allows to obtain the tip of the feet and the second, which surrounds the prime, represents the rest of the foot. Depending on the shoe size of the footwear industry, the gap between the two axis is more or less important. To finalise the espadrille, the rope is mire under press in order to obtain its final form.

Simplicity is the keynote of true elegance

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life

The soleplate and the canvas

The soleplate is made of rubber which has been melted down to a very high temperature, in press. This operation is done at the level of the internal face of the soleplate in rope. This material is chosen for its specific properties: the rubber optimises the fixing of the whole while improving the insulation and the adhesion. And more importantly, it allows you to obtain a more resistant espadrille. The upper part is made in a cotton canvas. We obtained two parts which are sewn to each other to create a shoe.


they now walk in our espadrilles

Louise J. (Drummoyne)
The espadrilles are fantastic and of excellente quality… love ’em !

Richard S. (Double Bay)
Remind me my childhood in France 30 years ago. So good to find them now Down Under.

Caroline C. (Surry Hills)
Became my favorite weekend shoes. Thanks guys for the advice.

Made in France

French espadrilles has made the choice to offer espadrilles “made in France”.  France has been for centuries a world reference in the field of fashion. The espadrilles are no exception to the rule. Manufactured in the purest tradition, these footwear originating from the Basque region are hand-stitched with a concern for quality and refined aesthetic.

Use of the Espadrilles

The Shoe is lightweight and easy to wear, the espadrille is mainly worn from spring to automn. its style fits well with any way of life, very cool and stylish. Our models will be perfect match to week-end activities, street styles and festive events. The espadrilles are usually used in all sorts of occasions as it is a very easy-to wear material. French Espadrilles has brought a more sophisticated touch incorporating a more classy designs and materials.

With French espadrilles, consumers invest in a unique design, a style, a trend.